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The Joker ultimately escaped and attended an auction structured by Hugo Peculiar to expose Batman's identity.[33] The Joker needed to prevent that from taking place, but when he discovered that Peculiar experienced mysteriously disappeared, he assumed many of the other criminals must have removed him; specifically Rupert Thorne. When which was cared for, the Joker established his subsequent plan in movement and he made use of a chemical through the shores of Gotham that contaminated the waters, transforming the fish to grotesque creatures Together with the Joker's face on them.

The lyrics Arthur mutters at this moment are telling: “Which is lifestyle, and as amusing as it might appear to be/Many people get their kicks/Stompin' on the aspiration.” Is Arthur laughing due to the fact Thomas Wayne, the father he thinks was his very own but who rejected him along with the mayoral candidate who statements he was the sole a single who will preserve Gotham, is lifeless?

Batman sooner or later recovers from his paralysis to realize that the Joker has introduced an incurable airborne pathogen in the course of Gotham, transmitted by laughter, that makes the target look like the Joker, and turns feelings of affection into violent hatred, triggering mass chaos. Batman travels to Gotham Presbyterian medical center to exploration the very first recorded an infection, but finds an contaminated Joe Chill, and also a recreation from the night time Batman's mom and dad died, revealing the Joker is aware of his identity.

King of Golf equipment - Clubsy is often a member of Joker's gang when it arrived to working a smuggling operation on board a gambling ship.[3]

He also kicked Bruce's dog Ace, and ensuring that Drake's aged Robin outfit was shredded apart when vandalizing the place in the method, just about killing Wayne experienced Terry not supplied Wayne using an antidote that Wayne experienced before concealed.

The Joker is actually a genius but utilizes his intelligence for evil techniques in Gotham. Nonetheless, he does not have any intend to eliminate Batman due to the fact He's "just so much enjoyable" simply because he often performs his minor "online games".

Annoyed along with her, the Joker fires Harley and makes an attempt to get rid of her, but Luthor intervenes and subdues him. Enraged by his attempt on her daily life, Harley attempts to eliminate the Joker along with his knife, but Luthor convinces her to face down, expressing she's outgrown him. Additionally, he dropped the aid of your Joker Clan Soon afterwards when Harley Quinn knowledgeable them of Joker's treachery.

As Sinatra’s “That’s Everyday living” proceeds to Participate in, a sequence reminiscent of an aged silent comedy performs out as Arthur is chased backwards and forwards by asylum orderlies. Then the end credits roll more than One more Sinatra common, “Mail from the Clowns”.

It is from this Bruce deduces which the Joker won't care who Batman is; he only cares for Batman, and that to admit Batman's accurate identification would spoil the Joker's "exciting". Bruce is afterwards noticed in the Batcave, Together with the Joker's profile on-screen, with "Identity Unknown" displayed, this means Batman did not know who the Joker was. The pc reveals a brand new factor from the Joker toxin, "hahnium" (Ha). "Ha" is displayed around the video display as Bruce sits during the darkness alone, and a fly (alluding for the Joker who had a fly infestation because of his rotting face) lands joker over the display. Endgame

Just after staying dunked right into a chemical bath, his insanity amplified, earning him Amongst the most perilous criminals in Gotham, trying to dedicate mass murder all to the sake of jokes. He has minimal regard for his own life and protection, even laughing in instances in which his possess Dying was seemingly unavoidable, as evidenced by his reaction if the fairgrounds have been exploding around him together with the Phantasm's preparations to destroy him,[six] and also his response when he noticed, through a unsuccessful evacuation in the doomed LexWing, his explosive marbles rolling towards him.[sixteen]

Even so, with Batman foiling his every comically-ridden crime, he feels he might never ever get that probability, so he makes an attempt frequently to show himself to Batman as special, so perhaps the Dim Knight will go away him be. That is a Untrue hope, having said that, as Batman will always be there to rid the town of turmoil, Regardless how A lot pain it triggers the Joker.

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Conversely, the Joker has given up lots of prospects to get rid of Batman. Their mutual obsession is unique in comparison with other superheroes and villains:

Chattering Tooth: The Joker tosses only one list of chattering enamel that turns into a substantial clump of them that explode on contact with his opponent.